Create a spacing formula (working grid) that will allow for a professionally laid out presentation to promote the Alta Gracia Spring 2020 apparel collection. The catalog should incorporate the Alta Gracia colors and Brand Standards.

  1. Create working grid that will sufficiently handle all Text, Garment Color Options, and Photographs

  2. Create Vector Logos and Icons to help communicate the Alta Gracia message

  3. Use Photographs, Colors, and Font Sizes in a visually pleasing way


Alta Gracia (meaning ‘high grace’ in Spanish) is named after the town of Villa Altagracia in the Dominican Republic — the site of our unique clothing factory. With the help of the non-profit Worker Rights Consortium and a Dominican labor union that fights for garment workers, they opened their mill & made their workers an ironclad promise - they will protect them from abuse and discrimination, respect their right to assemble, and pay them a living wage.


  1. 8.5 Inch X 11 Inch 

  2. 2020 Spring Catalog