Political polarization: a large portion of the U.S. population has been consumed with political paranoia leading up to the 2020 election. Even after the election has concluded, there is still an overwhelming cascade of doubt being thrown towards the electoral process. Conspiracy theorist and "truth seekers" are at an all time high with a great desperation to unravel a false reality and believe in something more. Digital misinformation that promotes anger and paranoia is dividing the country. This graphical series was constructed to combat these negative ideas that plague our digital world.

  1. Develop Initial/Root Composition that offers a positive message for those who want to unravel the "truth."

  2. Create 10 layouts with the Initial/Root Composition for an exercise of expression and communication


While all the political events were happening in 2020, I kept revisiting the song "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" by R.E.M. The song was inspired by the 1986 attack on American Journalist Dan Rather where two unidentified men were wanting to know the secret frequency being broadcasted that the men claimed were secretly brainwashing them. During the attack, the two men had mistakenly misidentified Dan as "Kenneth." The paranoia and mistaken identity from this event seemed very fitting for today's digital landscape of paranoia and misinformation.


Each layout asks "America, what's the Frequency?" to entice the the curiosity of the viewer. The layouts then present one of the seven Solfeggio Frequencies that are used for meditation and promote self healing. A MS DOS prompt is illustrated in a terminal font underneath describing the personal area that needs healing. While the overall presentation is not an elaborate code to decipher, the idea is to present a frequency number for the viewer to search for on the internet with the hopes that they will find some positive meaning or self reflection, as opposed to the fear and misinformation that is being circulated today.


  1. 24 Inch X 36 Inch 

  2. 10 Layouts total with 1 layout posted to Social Media every business day