I am burned out with Politics, negative propaganda, and people gaining power at the expense of others. These layouts are meant to offer a break from the insanity of reality while also allowing me to explore a new visual technique using Photoshop.

  1. Select photographs of Dancers

  2. Develop new visual style in Photoshop and reproduce said style across all layouts

  3. Come up with a slogan to summarize the desired energy of the layout

  4. Reinforce slogan and photos with Vector Images and complementary font in Illustrator


I love to dance. I am also not great at dancing, but I also believe that it shouldn't matter how you dance in a nonprofessional dance environment. Let go of your bullshit, move your body to a beat, and elevate your spirit. It does wonders for the soul. Do  not get stuck in the fear of judgement. Dance baby dance! Spread the message, or don't, IDRGAFA.


  1. 24 Inch X 36 Inch 

  2. 5 Layouts total with 1 layout posted to Social Media every business day