A similar theme as TANGLEDAMERICA WTF, and FAMILY FRIENDS LOVE. Political polarization and propaganda trying to convince us to live in a divided world is a constant in our lives. It is mainly political in nature, but can also exist in commercial form.

Ideas, agendas, and communication can plague our brain and spread like an invasive species causing chaotic and emotional responses. The purpose of these layouts is to raise awareness of the invasive negative ideas that may enter our minds.

It was important to keep the layout ambiguous so the viewer could surmise their own meaning. The Rat can be representative of any foreign ideological threat (e.g. Commercial Influence, A Cult, China, Russia, etc)

  1. Develop Initial/Root Visual Theme

  2. Create 5 layouts with the Initial/Root Visual Theme for an exercise of expression and communication

  3. Layouts are self restricted to having one Rat silhouette, one top view of a brain, three smaller side elevation view of a brain, and the word "INVASION!!"

  4. Background should depict two opposing colors to suggest tension, or at least two opposing ideas


Please bear in mind that I hold no political allegiances to anyone, or any political party, and I never will.

After witnessing the insurrections on the United States Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021, it was clear to me that there is a large population of United States citizens who are blinded by anger and were lead by the belief that it is OK to go after politicians with a physical force. I believe this anger has been fueled by political agendas, fear mongering, tribalism, brand worshiping, and hatred. All of this in an effort so the few at the top can solidify a position of power for themselves at the expense of the general public. This can lead to radicalization and is horrifically disgusting.

I do not agree with inciting a mob or inciting violence on anyone. If someone truly believes in a democratic system of government, then they would recognize the system is in place to allow everyone a chance to vote for their elected official of choice. If we discover an elected official is not doing their job, then you vote them out, you do not lynch them or instill fear into anyone with a threat of violence.


I do not, and will not believe the 2020 election was fraudulent unless there is convincing evidence that is accepted by the masses. Trump's election fight has included over 50 lawsuits, and he has lost them all. Any suggestion of an unfair election without damning evidence accepted by election officials, lawyers, judges, etc. is purely fear mongering and destructive to the ideology of democracy. To lose faith in the good of people is to lose oneself to the agendas of the corrupt.


  1. 12 Inch X 12 Inch 

  2. 5 Layouts total with 1 layout posted to Social Media every business day