Create a layout with multiple color options inspired by Pogo's song "redruM", which is a sampled and edited video from Stanley Kubrick's movie adaptation of Stephen King's The Shining.

  1. Quick Compositional Study - Develop Initial/Root Composition inspired by Pogo's song "redruM"

  2. All imagery must be original and not taken from any part of the movie directly

  3. Main Identity of the layout should be KDK1 (see below or watch video for reasoning)

  4. Explore multiple color options


In the middle of working on various projects, I stumbled across a song called "redruM" created by the artist known as Pogo. The song and video blew me away to the point that I stopped what I was doing and watched the video about 20 times. For those who don't know, Pogo will take samples from movies (most notably Disney animated movies) and remix them with a beat to create music. He also will edit video samples of said movies to coincide with the music to create music videos. The edits create new phrases that are entirely different from the original dialogue from the movie and serve as a lyric for his music.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of the movie The Shining as it was one of the few movies that actually gave me a sense of fear. Scary ghost children, hell no! I was also well aware of who Pogo was and his work before I found this song/video. There was much skepticism felt when learning he sampled this movie and I was almost convinced the song would be complete cheese. Wrong. I was blown away and would argue that this song is his best work.


The build up in the song is tremendous and when the beat drops to Jack swinging an axe into the bedroom door, it just feels like perfection. The haunting "This is KDK12 calling KDK1" at the end of the song was my main source of inspiration as it created a new identity for the soft fear and gentle hope that Wendy exuberates in the movie. It is a really powerful conclusion to the song.


  1. 11 Inch X 17 Inch

  2. 6 Layouts total