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Well, it has certainly been a minute since I last created a blog post. I missed the mark on March entirely. C’est la vie. Look, I knew consistent blog posts would be a challenge for me, and the proof is now in the pudding. My push for social media postings has also grinded to a halt as well. So, what have I been up too? What has kept me away from my tiny world of writing and content creation? A lack of inspiration mostly, but really, I have been busy with work.

Since February, I have come across three new clients, paying clients, which is exciting. Well, two were paying and one is still trying to make up their mind with what they need vs. their schedule. The new connections have vastly different needs for their Graphic Communication which requires different approaches for how I address the design philosophies. The projects are not world changing, but I both appreciate and enjoy the diversity of the challenges. Will these connections offer steady, or at least, some sort of recurring business? Only time will tell. Paying clients will always take precedence over my need for self-expression and my own brand development, so it was nice to have a break from my own work, but now I have most of their needs satisfied and I can reflect on what is next for TMR.

Looking at my website, I felt it was getting stale and it was time to change it up… again. This seems to be an ongoing theme for the site, which isn’t a bad thing I suppose, but sometimes I feel like it is a moving target. It is kind of funny, I really didn’t feel the need to make changes until I after I spoke with a potential client. I did some research on said client and then I started to see my site through their eyes and felt rather bored with the presentation. I guess the changes aren’t all that dramatic. I finally succumbed to having a website with a white or “light” background as opposed to a dark grey. I have wrestled with this for years. I just feel like a white portfolio website is such a cop-out for exploring innovation. However, at the end of the day, the website does feel a little more professional (I guess) and I suppose that is why people gravitate towards this kind of presentation, even if it means looking kind of like every other portfolio website out there. It will do for now, until you know, it doesn’t…

Another addition to my website is more video integration. My Blog Post from January mentioned how I was experimenting with video, and video editing, and how I hoped to start incorporating this median into my work. I believe I have found a way to consistently push a more fluid Graphic Design Technique for future projects. There will be more on this on Thursday’s Blog Post (hopefully!).

Video development has also contributed to new standards for how I push and develop creative content. I will be trying out the new Video Techniques with TPOP which I will be posting to social media this week. I don’t want to get too descriptive as to what TPOP is, but it definitely has meaning, and I really want the audience to figure it out. TPOP will also test out the new standard for how I can develop a brand from Logo to beyond, as opposed to having an idea and then exercising five to ten layouts. Again, I will continue these thoughts on Thursday’s Blog Post (hopefully!). And it really doesn’t stop there, I have already gotten started on Adobe After Effects, and I want to dive right into musical production (EDM mainly). I want to do so much and really push creative content towards innovating new standards of development. It is full steam ahead.

The new array of client work was good timing. Making money is never a bad thing in this world (until it is), but more importantly it offered a break in my systematic approach to my own self-expression, which became too automated within my own thinking. It can be hard to break our own thought patterns, but it can be especially important and necessary to do so from time to time. OK, that is enough rambling, as always, I must figure out what is next.



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