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Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Welp, here we are. I was really hoping to conduct a write up on the new iPhone 12 Pro Max camera. Nope. I was really hoping the intense social and political waves of polarization that had rocked the waters of 2020 had finally started to die down. Nope, and I am a fool for hoping we were going to move past the political tensions once the election results came in.

I have respected both the left and the right side of the political equation in years past. I have also restrained myself in 2020 as to not say too much politically as I did not want to alienate relationships with people who I love and care about. I feel it is always better to bring people together, if and when possible, rather than cause any additional divisions. I have stayed neutral in my online presence (e.g., graphic design postings) as to not sever communication with one side vs. the other, or not contribute to the nauseating digital shouting match that has proven to be an entanglement of information vs misinformation. I suppose all I can really do is just keep designing and creating. I desperately want to challenge people's thought process in attempts to raise their awareness without them being a servitude of someone else's agenda. I desperately want this conflict and division to end. It pains me to my soul.

In case you are living underneath a rock, the United States Capitol Building was invaded by fanatics:

I will go ahead and throw out some words that many fellow Americans are probably feeling - disgust, anger, embarrassment, hurt, pain, frustration, and injustice are some of my first reactions. The natural question we may ask is “how did it come to this?” Well, from my own personal reflection, it has been years in the making and it will be a hard lesson for all of us to deal with moving forward.

I believe it is important to stand up against the vile political and economic greed that has caused so much division among us. Any propaganda reinforcing the blatant pursuit of power at the expense of others is a form of psychological terrorism. I believe it is important to steer the future towards a horizon that is more loving and more positive than the current landscape. I believe it begins with communication, by expressing our concerns with a constructive language, and to also stay open minded to responses that are conducted in a civil manner. I believe we can all be better than what we are seeing today.

I love you all.


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