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A day late on the Blog. I also totally missed my Social Media Postings on Tuesday. I have been entangled with the pollen in my area, which also means I am entangled with sinus medicine. Well, after taking said medicine for two or three weeks I declared enough was enough and stopped taking it. On Monday and Tuesday, I felt so bad that it was enough to cause havoc in my day-to-day work. I struggled mightily with a layout for TPOP that consisted of a Photoshopped shoe and simple vertical layout design. It was a disaster. I must have posted, then reviewed, then deleted the post, then redesigned, and then repeated the entire process like 6 different times. FYI, LinkedIn, Facebook Business/Group pages, Twitter, and Instagram don’t let you edit post pictures. You must delete and start over if you are not happy with the image. Sometimes it just looks different after I post! Tuesday, I made sure not to make the same mistakes and held back with my design and posting all together. Rookie performance.

Back to the subject at hand. I mentioned in last Thursday's Blog Post that I have been working with video in attempts to create a new Graphic Design Technique that is more “fluid” or moving. It is pretty much a GIF except GIF’s are extraordinarily large in file size and every service prefers MP4 anyway, so at the end of the day it is just a looping video. There are Motion Graphics and Special Effects Graphics and all kind of specialist who make careers in those fields. However, these types of motion graphics are not what I am envisioning with Graphic Design.

I desperately tried to create layouts that felt like they were in motion with Tangled and probably would have lost my mind had I also been experimenting with video at the time. It will take time and experimenting to see if I can produce anything close to what I am imagining, but even then, it could just be a flop. I had expressed that TPOP might offer some chances to experiment with video, but so far it is taking root in a more traditional setting. This isn’t a bad thing and it still adheres to my “New Standard,” but the potential infinite scope of the work may force me to cut it short. Who knows, maybe I will push the concept to infinity and thus create the opportunities for video experimentation.

I honestly believe the near future of Graphic Design will be more fluid, or more in motion. Kind of like the 2002 movie Minority Report. I don’t know, maybe I have watched too many movies. So, what is the long-term future of Graphic Design? Computer Programs. Programs will eventually replace the Designer altogether. They are coming for everyone’s job no matter what the industry is. Graphic Design is already starting to migrate into a more managerial position because of all the available assets at our disposal today. Working with creations instead of having to create can be normal in some circumstances. I mentored a young Middle School Student a couple of years ago and I stressed to her that it has never been easier to be a Graphic Designer than today. Technically, she could start her own website, start a student subscription with Adobe Cloud and just go for it. All it takes is a computer, until, you know, a program replaces you. If you think that programs can’t replace the creative industry, then you are wrong. They are already experimenting with programs that can create abstract, as well as realistic images without reference. When will the takeover take place? Who knows, probably in the next 25 years? Maybe sooner. I will certainly try to enjoy it while I can though!



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