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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Megalomaniac – (from Merriam-Webster) a delusional mental illness that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur. A label that can be used to describe many people who are pursuing power: Politicians, Hedge Fund CEO’s, Conglomerates, Religious Leaders, etc. If I had only one word to describe Vladimir Putin, ex-KGB agent and supposed leader of Russia, then I believe Megalomaniac would probably fit. What a piece of shit. You're no Jesus, you're no fucking Elvis.

Vladimir Putin is a man who has never really lost while pursuing power. He supposedly climbed the ranks of politics with cunning and strategic moves. He socially and financially aligned himself with the most powerful Oligarchs in Russia. He used his background in military intelligence to defeat his oppositions with brute force and intimidation. Vladimir Putin, a common citizen who became a world leader, or so the story goes. I am not going to pretend that I am a historian, an expert on his background, or that I know how he has truly lived his life up to this point. I am just an outside observer viewing the consequences of his actions today. Today, Vladimir Putin is using the Russian Military to invade Ukraine.

My heart truly hurts for the people of Ukraine. We live in world where any global conflict can be broadcasted to the palm of your hands. If you want to see a live feed of the front lines, then I am sure you can find one. There is so much footage available that I must police myself with how much information I can take in. The more I witness, the more helpless I can become. There really is a balancing act to the information received. I do not want to turn a blind eye to the situation, but I also do not want to become so downtrodden that I slump into a depression, and I absolutely do not want to become desensitized to the horrific repercussions of war. It is all so very tragic. The loss of life from leaders who want to impose their will is disgusting.

My heart also hurts for the citizens of Russia. I believe most of them do not want their military to be invading Ukraine. The videos of protest are endearing. Also, the videos of pro war citizens have an eerie theatrical front suggesting they want nothing to do with the consequences of speaking against an authoritative regime. The idea of not wanting to speak out for fear of your own life is just another layer of horror. Maybe others have succumbed to the propaganda machine and their reality has turned on their head. Still, it is my belief that most of the Russian population is against this invasion.

Why the hell is this invasion happening? My guess: better geological positions for importing and exporting (better economics) as well as a demonstration of strength and power for the rest of the world to see. Was Russia feeling economic pressure before they decided to invade? We live in a global economy that is being built with more and more dominos every day. Maybe Putin is just power hungry or wants to cement his legacy within Russia's history? Maybe a combination of the two? This is just what I am seeing, who knows what is really going on behind the curtains of this shit show.

From the sidelines, the invasion of Ukraine does not seem to be going as smoothly as Vladimir Putin probably had hoped. Some reports are stating the Russian Military is Outdated and Inept, while others claim that their Military is Modern and Lethal. From the videos I have seen, the equipment used by the Russian Military looks dated, but again, I am not a military expert. Russia could just be holding back their arsenal. But if they are not, then Putin is looking foolish. The great “strategist" muscling little brother may be an act of desperation. Perhaps the political, military, and economic situations in Russia are more dire than what Russia has been projecting.

The whole world is watching this aggression. The whole world is watching Vladimir Putin with the dreaded notion of this guy having keys to a nuclear arsenal. Is this thing going to spin out of control and lead to a nuclear holocaust? That is the concern. Is Putin out of touch with the “strength” of his military forces? Has he surrounded himself with Yes-men because of his imposing will? What does a guy who is not familiar with losing going to do if he loses this invasion? What will he do if this invasion turns into a World War? Is Putin out of touch with how the world operates today? This invasion feels 15 years too late in terms of global technology and communication. It feels like Putin does not understand how connected everyday people are around the world along with the kind of pressure that can generate both socially and economically.

A true leader leads for the people and not for themselves. If Putin really lead with his heart and for the people of Russia, then he would resolve Russia’s issues with diplomacy. If Putin lead with his heart, then people from both countries would not be dying from this conflict today. However, Putin is not a leader of anything but himself. He leads with his ego, like a child. A man leads with a heart full of love. A heart full of love is what makes a man strong.

I know I can sound like an idealist; I just desperately want to live in a better world. A peaceful world where we not only resolve our differences but become stronger because of them. We are one race (human) living in the same place (Earth). It really can be that simple.


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