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Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Here I am, as promised. A follow up Thursday Blog Post. Ugh, I’m not really “feeling” it, but the show must go on I suppose. Let’s just get right into it. On Tuesday I mentioned how I wanted to follow up on how I believe I found a New Design Technique to consistently push out more fluid Graphic Design. I had also mentioned how I wanted to explain more about a New Standard to creating content to satisfy my need to be creative as well as push new material on social media. Eh, maybe I need to divide these subjects into two Blog Post instead of trying to cover everything here. OK, it’s decided, today I will cover the New Standard, and next Tuesday I will cover the New Design Technique which is really a way for me to talk about the Future of Graphic Design and where I think it is heading.

Moving on with TPOP and the “New Design Standard.” Geez, so prominent and grandiose, look out world. It’s nothing really, but in the past, I would come with a new concept, idea, image, or message and then develop multiple layouts to explore variations in the delivery. Sometimes the exploration would offer some legitimate diversity or push a narrative in a different direction, but other times it would be a simple change in color. Don’t get me wrong, color exploration is important, but when the process is repeated over and over again, things can become a little stale. One aspect of Graphic Design that was missing in my creative wondering was Logo Design. So, I started to explore the concept of TPOP (the real meaning and not just TPOP) and created a logo and then thought to myself, “why not start here.”

The new approach is this: Start with a logo and brand the shit out of it. Big reveal, I know right? I believe it will help the viewer see snapshots of the beginning development of a Logo to help understand the evolution of a Brand. With a walk through of development, the uninitiated can see how important and powerful a logo is and how powerful it can become. The logo is the seed of growth, the spearhead of communication, and the absolute of identity for any idea or organization. I have always assumed that this narrative was a universal truth that everyone already new and accepted. It has been incredibly frustrating in my Graphic Design career to learn that this is not known by everyone. I remember being involved with a company and stressing the importance of branding and constantly pushing the narrative of the company message to expand growth. The company message was really really good and unique by the way. The response from the owner was, “what does that mean?” Dude…

Let us think about it this way. When you see a Nike Swoosh, what do you think of? Shoes? Maybe sweatshops? Maybe Michael Jordan? The point is your mind is already primed with thoughts. The goal of the company is to use the logo to make sure they are known, and to make sure the Logo is promoting something positive, pleasant, successful, etc. The Logo is direct communication with the audience without any member of the company staff having to be present. It is working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, all you must do is set your eyes on it and it activates. It simplifies all the heavy lifting for marketing (if done correctly). It is a psychological powerhouse. Are you getting it now? Of course, it only works if the company is known, and the manner in which they are known. It also helps to have the Logo function properly (details for another Blog Post).

I am hoping TPOP will be a blueprint for future projects, at least for more Logo Design. By creating and initiating a walkthrough into the branding process, it will allow for me to create more content. It will also showcase and help educate potential clients about the Branding Process. But most importantly, this process will allow for more fun, more creativity, and more angles for covering social topics that I feel are important. I also feel this process will allow for more exploration to infuse Propaganda with Parity and Mockery in attempts to help raise awareness about the world that we are apart of, a world that sometimes feels like it may control us, and a world that can definitely be steered in a more positive direction. I hope it works out.



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