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I recently returned home from helping a family member move to another state. We drove to the destination, and I returned on an airplane. When we took off, I had realized that I had not been on an airplane for almost 8 years. When I think about all that has happened in my life in the past 8 years it is both very small and enormous in scale, and when you think about all that has happened on the planet in that time span… Jesus.

The plane took off and I having a window seat was able to see ground below slowly drift away from my feet until all you could see was terrain and sky. All the details of civilization became muted. From this perspective it is hard to believe that humans can create such havoc on not only the planet, but especially on ourselves. My God, we don’t even register as anything visual when you get a few thousand feet above the surface. Yet here we are. My head spins when trying to register all the number of activities by all seven billion people all at once at any given moment. There is so much conflict, power struggles, accomplishments, failures, laughter, pain, disappointment, hope, heartbreak, and love. There is much more, but you get the idea. All this happening in eight billion ways from eight different perspectives. Each experience a little different from the next, even when both are shared at the same time and place.

The view is nice, but eventually you must come back down to earth and get back into it, whatever “it” is. So here I am with both feet back on the ground, but my head will probably always be in the clouds. It is better up there. It is better to have some distance, to be outside looking in to truly see all the moving parts. This kind of perspective has certainly helped with Graphic Design. Speaking of…

It sure has been a minute since my last Blog post. I have been busy, well busy enough, and that is a good thing, so it's not like I have just been sitting on my ass all summer. Still, the desire to put my thoughts in writing has escaped me during my favorite season. I plan to get back into it, but I probably need a different approach. If I mention that I updated my website one more time I might throw up. There is a real challenge to writing for the sake of writing, especially when I do not claim to be a writer. I need to cover my rebranding efforts with FAVOR, and I would like to go over my thoughts on Summer. I need to update my thoughts on Wall Street as well. However, I need a different way of challenging myself. Perhaps not worry about length? Maybe I remove all personal aspects? Maybe I will try some creative writing? Who knows?

Well, this post is at least a start. I hope if you are reading this that you have your feet firmly planted on the ground, but don’t be afraid to get lost in the clouds as well. The perspective from above is more than necessary. I believe everyone can benefit from this, from taking mental time off away from the daily routines that both imprison us and safely guide us towards tomorrow.



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