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Updated: Jan 22, 2021

I will state the obvious, this is my first posting. I must admit that I am somewhat uncertain about this whole process. It is not that I do not have plenty to say about life and the world we are living in, but it is my nature to question anything and everything. So, who am I? Do my thoughts even matter in such a place? Can I focus my perspective to encompass a design first narrative, or will my thoughts just become some random stream of consciousness on the internet? I will be honest; it is probably going to be mixed bag. Of course, there is the possibility that none of what I write will be read by anyone at all. Whatever.

There is so much I want to get in to, but I will try to keep things simple. We will start with who I am: a single middle-aged male trying to carve his mark in a creative field. I do not believe in absolutes or arrivals, so my creative dictation will most likely remain fluid. Change is inevitable. If you try to fight it, you will be swallowed by the current that surrounds you. All you can do is ride it and try to influence the path of change in a more positive direction. It appears that the waters are really starting to get wild and I hope to stay afloat with my sanity. I hope the same for you as well.

I am not sure what is coming next, I never do; and when I try to predict the future, life always seems to show me that I cannot do so, not to the extent that I want to at least. So, I will just keep making it up as we move along.


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