The Risk Engineering and System Analytics Center, part of The Glenn Department of Engineering and Clemson University’s ICAR campus, is focused on developing curriculum and educational programs, cultivate scientific investigation and research, recruit world-class faculty, and create marketable technologies that advance the field.


The RESA Center has been backed by a 4-million-dollar investment by American International Group, Inc (AIG) to combine Clemson’s Vast engineering and research capabilities with AIG’s data and risk expertise. The Modern Retro was hired to develop a PowerPoint presentation on “Big Data” for AIG representatives visiting the Clemson University Campus.


The client requested a TED talk like approach where the slides would illustrate and reinforce main points of information from the speaker and not show actual sentences from the speech. The slide presentations were dominated by simple illustrations and accompanied by color and font stylings from the RESA brand standards. The results were visual reinforcements and not visual distractions.