The Risk Engineering and System Analytics Center, part of The Glenn Department of Engineering and Clemson University’s ICAR campus, is focused on developing curriculum and educational programs, cultivate scientific investigation and research, recruit world-class faculty, and create marketable technologies that advance the field.


The Modern Retro was hired to develop five 48in X 36in boards to illustrate some of the initial work done by CU students and faculty, in conjunction with AIG employees, to present to AIG representatives visiting the Clemson University Campus. The main objective was to graphically illustrate major points of interest and statistics in the simplest and most effective way possible to ensure quick visual communication of complex ideas and extensive research.


This project had an extremely quick turnaround time of one week from initial project request to final presentation design. The only design requirements from the client was the use of the RESA fonts and colors in conjunction with a baby blue color to visually help unify the boards