The following layouts were from an exercise to graphically promote the previous TMR Branding and Website.

  1. Select photographs that offer interesting elements or compositions

  2. Develop new visual style in Photoshop

  3. Study logo placement


Designing for a client doesn't always allow for radical exploration of what Graphic Design is or could be. To satisfy the need to explore new techniques and forms of graphical expression, I decided to create new compositions with an unorthodox approach. The goal was to create a composition that was visually appealing and then add the (now old) TMR logo. Every few days I would create a new layout and post it on social media. The challenge of the exercise was to push out new material without any kind of theory or deadline.


  1. 4100 Pixels X 2500 Pixels 

  2. One layout posted to Social Media whenever the layout was deemed complete