Use a word generator to produce a random phrase and then create a simple illustration or logo to describe that phrase. Phrase generated: Herd Award.

  1. Create illustration/logo to describe random word generator phrase

  2. Add additional text to reinforce newly acquired phrase

  3. Keep illustrations simple and minimal

  4. Explore color options


While exploring different phrases generated by a online word generator, I came across the combination of "Herd Award" and instantly thought it was hilarious. The absurdity of awarding someone for showcasing group mentality, being fearful of standing out, or having a lack of leadership and direction offered a good deal of fun and entertainment while creating these layouts.

From the beginning, I immediately focused on trying to illustrate a roundish sheep in a logo/illustrated form but wrestled with the fact that the image was of a single animal while the phrasing described multiple animals of the same caliber. To remedy this, I decided to multiply the single illustration in an arrangement that mimicked the Olympic Rings, thus introducing the layouts as individual awards for group mentality while also showcasing them all in a group manner. Herd Award then became plural for the first layout.

Each award has its own color and category while showcasing the same glassy eyed sheep staring off into the distance and without any awareness of the mockery which is being bestowed upon it. The categories were created by what I deemed to be the strongest anti-individual qualities of a human, especially for those who work in a corporate atmosphere. For the record, I believe all people possess the ability to shine as individuals, but are stifled by those in power (instead of nurtured), follow bad leadership, are content to not exercise them, or just fear standing out for the wrong reasons.


  1. 24 Inch X 36 Inch 

  2. 6 Layouts total with 1 layout posted to Social Media every business day (first business day will have the first 2 layouts posted)