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“The Modern Retro” is an oxymoron, signifying the endless cycle of influence and redevelopment that pushes all design forward into the future. The cycle is nonstop: a modernized version of the past is simply the present, and the present is just a moment in time discarded into the past. This process is happening everyday, and it cannot be contained, only observed, and then influenced.

TMR stays responsive to this ever-changing landscape, and maintains a keen sense of observation – especially when deciphering how people function and communicate within the identity of an organization, and how that organization communicates with the rest of the world.


The discovery of common interaction and the observation of work flows is the standard by which TMR problem solves and develops designs. No task is left without careful decision making and a surgical like approach, be it extensive or bare minimal. It does not matter if TMR is commanding the brand, or acting as a cog within it, the attention to detail, communication skills, and work ethic stays the same.

Thank you for visiting The Modern Retro, please contact me for a full list of services.

- William

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