We are bound to our daily routines. Do our routines serve us, or do we serve the routine? Birth, then education, then profession, so that we can serve as a consumer within an economy. A cog within a political and commercial machine, or maybe just a product of humanity? When does a routine become a prison of automation? Can the repeating process of daily living serve as a construct to generate negative and destructive social beliefs that ultimately keep us stagnant within a social economic position so that those at the top can continue to rise?  These are the questions that drive the meaning of "Automated Human."

  1. Develop Initial/Root Minimalistic Visual Theme

  2. Use minimalistic approach with heavy white space.

  3. Limited to one font and 2 colors.

  4. Create 5 layouts with the Initial/Root Theme for an exercise of expression and communication


Throughout my life I have always taken note when my routine, or maybe someone else's routine prevents us from experiencing a moment of joy or a unique experience, etc. Life can be so fleeting, and there is so much more that life has to offer than just making money or chasing power. I loathe the feeling of being automated, or a servant of some machine, or a puppet of someone else's ideas. I don't believe I am alone in this thought process.

I am both a dependent and an opposition to daily routines. I need them as most people do. They offer structure and allow for maximum functionality while navigating through the waters of society. I also resist routines because their repetition and demands becomes mundane while seemingly excelling or slowing down the experience of life depending on your misery or jubilation. Living within a repeating process can sometimes feel counterintuitive towards creativity and/or experiencing any real lust for living. Routines should serve us, not the other way around.


  1. 11 Inch X 17 Inch 

  2. 5 Layouts total with 1 layout posted to Social Media every business day