Political polarization and propaganda trying to convince us to live in a divided world is a constant in our lives. It is mainly political in nature, but can also exist in commercial form.

If someone possess an idea and seeks out communities with the same idea then they are left without constructive thinking or rebuttals. The end result is known as an "Echo Chamber." Echo Chambers exist in news media, social media, internet forums, and even local communities. These areas of isolated thought reinforcement do not offer any additional thought process and have proven to have serious consequences in the form of extremism.

The purpose of these layouts is to raise awareness of Echo Chambers and warn others of the personal and social damages they can create.

  1. Develop Initial/Root Visual Theme

  2. Create 4 layouts with the Initial/Root Visual Theme for an exercise of expression and communication

  3. Layouts are self restricted to having three colors, "ECHO CHAMBER," and one segment of information of the subject


After witnessing the insurrections on the United States Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021, it was clear to me that there is a large population of United States citizens who are blinded by anger and were lead by the belief that it is OK to go after politicians with a physical force. I believe this anger has been fueled by political agendas, fear mongering, tribalism, brand worshiping, Trumpism, and hatred. All of this so a few at the top can solidify a position of power for themselves at the expense of the general public. This can lead to radicalization and is horrifically disgusting.

I believe it is important to stand up against the vile political and economic greed that has caused so much division among us. Any propaganda reinforcing the blatant pursuit of power at the expense of others is a form of psychological terrorism. I believe it is important to steer the future towards a horizon that is more loving and more positive than the current landscape. I believe it begins with communication, by expressing our concerns with a constructive language, and to also stay open minded to responses that are conducted in a civil manner. I believe we can all be better than what we are seeing today.


  1. 24 Inch X 36 Inch 

  2. 4 Layouts total with 1 layout posted to Social Media every business day