1. Develop Initial/Root Composition and find inspiration in its form

  2. Summarize discovered inspiration with One Word or Phrase

  3. Expand the meaning of the One Word or Phrase with a subset of Words and/or Phrases

  4. Create multiple layouts with the Initial/Root Composition for an exercise of expression and communication



  1. Layout/Design must be an exercise of Maximalism

  2. Collage, or Semi-Collage Style with a blend of Raster and Vector Elements

  3. Layout imagery should not be too specific and allow for the viewers imagination to make their own conclusions about what they are seeing

  4. Layout will be limited to 2 Fonts

  5. “Tangled” will be presented differently except for 3 layouts: Beginning, Middle, and End

  6. All subtext will share same font weight and size

  7. Text will not be “embedded” within design concepts, but lay on top of the layout instead



  1. 28 Inch X 15.75 Inch (Graphic)

  2. Layouts will be presented vertically in social media post, but will also function horizontally side by side for one long mural like design

  3. 15 Layouts total with 1 layout posted to Social Media every business day


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