A  layout submission requested by NGC for an annual publication called "The Quilt Circle" that communicates the importance of internet technologies for the masses. The request came with a focus on equal internet and broadband for all - rural communities, LGBTQ, black, brown, white, farmers, students, hipsters ... everyone so they can participate​  and be successful in today's remote and virtual world.

  1. Research appropriate photographs that depict diversity in people as well as regions

  2. Create grid that will allow for a interesting composition of diverse photographs

  3. Use photographs of Fiber Optics as an equal focal point (1st proposal) or an abstract background (2nd and 3rd proposal).


The notion of illustrating or communicating what the internet is in a literal or abstract way is a tremendous challenge. You can view previous covers of the publication here. Through my study of other "Internet Illustrations," I came to the conclusion that people do not emotionally connect to the physical form of the internet: computers, cables, radio waves, etc. Abstract presentations can offer a unique and interesting layout, but the communication of the message can become lost.

I concluded that the best way to illustrate the services of the internet, and satisfy the request of the client was to simply ignore what the internet is and focus on what it does: connect people. The solution (and my initial proposal) then becomes easier to digest: collect snapshots of diversity and arrange them in a colorful presentation. The people and locations of the internet are at the forefront of the layout while the physical form of the internet is equal to the people and locations, or pushed into the background.


The Quilt is the national coalition of non-profit U.S. regional research and education networks representing 43 networks across the country. Members of The Quilt provide advanced network services and applications to over 900 universities and thousands of other educational and community anchor institutions.  Through the collaborative forum of The Quilt, member organizations have access to a broader set of expertise and knowledge than any single organization working on its own.  Only through working together do we collectively advance our common public service mission.


  1. 8.5 Inch X 11 Inch 

  2. Magazine Cover Proposal - 3 total